Thursday, July 29, 2010

Donald Sutherland look-a-like French genius found after three years

French genius disappears for 3 years
Found in a hospital in Pescara

Michel Doumesche (l'immagine tartta da Chi l0'ha visto?)The mathematician was forgetful in psychiatric hospital, speaks four languages and is expressed through complex formulas

MILAN - Michel Doumesche is a genius in amnesiac 61 years, speaks four languages and is expressed through complex mathematical formulas. Of him had gone missing in France, his country of origin, in 2007. The mathematician has now been found in a hospital in Pescara. Doumesche suffer from disorders of memory and, until 2007, had disappeared several seized. Three years ago, however, its removal from home seemed definitive: most had not been tracked.
He wondered for three years - from 2007 to present, man has wandered to Europe and the case also dealt with the transmission Raitre Chi l'ha visto?. In 2008 he was spotted near Taranto, Foggia and had landed in an institution of nuns. From about two months he was hospitalized in the psychiatric hospital in Pescara. Communication between the police headquarters in Rome and Pescara has only now allowed to police the Division of Police Crime Capitoline that connect information acquired by the French and the description of man and his physique quite similar to that of a patient hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Pescara. After the necessary evidence and detailed findings, police in Rome has verified the identity of the man by giving notice to the French authorities and his family.

CREDIT: Corriere Della Sera, direct link (translated via Google)

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